What you can do with great online reviews!

Online Reviews, whether you get them on Google or Facebook or Yelp reviews or any place on the internet that allows your customers to speak about your business, are a great analytical tool. Did you know that a Harvard Business Study of 2016 stated that every 1-star increase in your business’s star rating increased revenue by 5 – 9%! Well, that was 2016 – fast forward present-day – every… business works on getting a five-star rating on the internet, at every conceivable customer touchpoint. Well, a ‘reviews analysis’ can give your business a boost.

Make it Easy to write reviews

Hmmm – We are a generation of instant gratification. Everything is just a click away. Consumers are spoilt for choice. And as a business owner, customer retention is becoming more challenging than customer acquisition, given the low cost of a switch.

Soon, print media would become history though it will always be credited for bringing businesses closer to the… consumers via its medium. Today, the digital world has shrunk the space between brands and their consumers. It has brought them even closer.

Soon, print media would become history though it will always be …Continue Reading

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