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Hmmm – We are a generation of instant gratification. Everything is just a click away. Consumers are spoilt for choice. And as a business owner, customer retention is becoming more challenging than customer acquisition, given the low cost of a switch.


Soon, print media would become history though it will always be credited for bringing businesses closer to the consumers via its medium. Today, the digital world has shrunk the space between brands and their consumers. It has brought them even closer.


There are various articles written on why online reviews are essential for your brand or business. Some of the critical points of the importance of Google Reviews or Facebook Reviews or Ecommerce Reviews could be summarized as follows:-

  • Reviews are written by customers who have experienced your service or purchased your product, and positive reviews can drive sales.
  • More than 90% of online shoppers read reviews before making a purchase decision. These statistics are well documented by many researchers.
  • Positive reviews bring an excellent reputation to businesses and brands.
  • Products or services with positive reviews are more likely to generate sales than products with no reviews.
  • Product reviews build online visibility and are perceived as trustworthy.
  • When people talk about your product or service and respond to the reviews, it is a great way to enhance your brand messaging.

It is proven that positive 5-star reviews are a great marketing tool to grow your business. The onus is on you, how easy you make it for your customers to give you a positive online review.

Businesses use various ways of asking for recommendations and reviews, like giving links on SMSes, emailers, or a request through the invoice from an Ecomm purchase.


Whether you are in retail, professional services, manufacturing, trading, E-commerce, or any business that has a vendor-buyer relationship and you have an online presence, make it easy for your buyer to give you a positive review.

Here’s why you need to invest in that effort:-

  • Buyers are in a happy mood when they have made a purchase. Giving feedback in a cheerful spirit will only attract positive reviews.
  • The attention span of a buyer’s journey is very small. Once consumed, they may forget to give you a review. Capture their attention at the time of purchase.
  • Buyers can get influenced by a competition product or service. Get their review when they are in your influence zone.
  • If giving a review is made easy and time-saving, buyers will be more than happy to contribute to your business reputation

We at Upswing Reviews have addressed precisely this need in the buyer-seller transaction. We have made it simple to get reviews in just three simple steps:-

  1. Low-cost sign-up
  2. Get your QR Code for your business/establishment.
  3. Your buyers can scan the QR Code and complete the reviews in seconds.

SIGN UP now and try for yourself!

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I love this service. Awesome way for the customer to leave a review and rating... Great addition to any business

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On a recent test run of reviews services, Upswing Reviews was the fastest, most reliable and easiest to use.

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Great Service !! Really helped me to increase my marketing and create good promotions. Happy about the service

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I have been using Upswing Reviews for 2 years. It has brought me so many new customers with no headache.

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Fantastic and useful for my business! Great application for promotion of your any kind of businesses

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For $10 a month I cannot think of anything in the world that has added this much value to my business

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I spent ages looking for a simple review system that worked well and this ticks all the boxes. Very happy with it, would recommend.

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